RealVu Only Calls An Ad When The Ad Space Is In View

RealVu is pre-bid deterministic technology, not after-the-fact verification or historical targeting
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High Viewability

Only buy ad units that are in view. RealVu’s proprietary Content Rendering Control (CRC) technology checks every ad unit for viewability in real time before you bid, delivering the highest view rates in the industry.

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Brand Safe Inventory

RealVu pre-bid validation technology confirms the actual domain source of every impression before you buy, insuring delivery to only top publishers participating in the Viewable Exchange.



Buying only ad units that are in view significantly raises brand lift and conversions. Studies have shown 32%+ higher brand lift and 12X conversions with RealVu validated inventory.



70% of impressions validated by RealVu don’t meet viewable criteria and are not sent to the viewable exchange. Without CRC, these impressions would be purchased, dragging down view rates and ROI.

1000+ Websites - 1 Billion Monthly Views

Access RealVu Pre-Validated Inventory Through Appnexus

RealVu has partnered with a select list of premium publishers who have joined its AppNexus powered Viewable Exchange. RealVu’s approach with the viewable exchange is simple, only serve ads to ad spaces that are in view. To accomplish this, RealVu activates its patented Content Rendering Control technology (CRC) before every ad call. CRC validates in real time that the impression is in view before being released to the exchange.

RealVu’s advanced method of determining viewability for each ad unit before every ad call results in the highest view rates in the industry. This real-time viewability solution also alleviates problems such as brand safety and fraud that are plaguing the programmatic industry today.

The CRC technology and real-time validation method works for both above and below the fold ad locations. Publishers and advertisers are now seeing average view rates of 70% to 95%. In addition to industry-leading performance, advertisers are saving on the unnecessary costs associated with millions of wasted, non-viewable ad deliveries.

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